The new generation of

Transwab® was the first commercially produced gel transport swab, and together with Virocult®, has for many years provided microbiologists, clinicians and patients with reliable specimen collection and transport ensuring accurate diagnosis of infectious disease. Over the years as science, technology and regulations have advanced, continuous development has kept these products at the leading edge of clinical, veterinary and environmental biology. Recent times have seen an inexorable rise in specimen numbers due to screening programmes for healthcare acquired infections, and emerging diseases (SARS,

H1N1, Listeria, etc.) (SARS, H1N1, Listeria, etc.) This has led to the development and introduction of automated processing systems which require a new generation of readily compatible transport devices.


Medical Wire's âˆ'-Swab® products have been designed to combine all the experience acquired in media development with a new kind of collection device incorporating advanced materials for optimum specimen collection, transport and processing, whether automated or conventional.


New vials with integral swab capture Two sizes of vial are used depending on the product and application. Made from shatterproof polypropylene, the vials feature a screw cap which is compatible with automatic decapping systems. The integral swab capture mechanism, currently available with âˆ'-Transwab®, means that once a specimen has been taken, no further manual handling of the swab shaft is required. The vials themselves are self-standing, with integral conical base, and can be centrifuged for molecular applications.


New âˆ'-Swabs® These new swabs feature a soft polyurethane bud, which not only provides enhanced patient comfort, but improves the whole collection and release process for target microorganisms. The highly absorbent foam ensures optimum sample uptake, while its open and regular cellular structure allows complete access and flow-through for reagents, and maximum release of microorganisms. The swabs are available with either a standard bud, or a mini-tip narrow bud for urethral, nasopharyngeal and small animal applications.


New transport mediaâˆ'-Transwab® has a new liquid Amies medium suitable for both automated and conventional processing. The microorganisms are readily released from the swab into the medium and mixed to provide an even suspension from which aliquots can be withdrawn for Gram staining and multiple cultures, or for accurate serial dilutions. The liquid Amies maintains viability of Aerobes, Anaerobes and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours at ambient and refrigerated temperatures in accordance with M40 compliance*.


Gold standard medium âˆ'-Virocult® contains Virocult® medium, developed, tried and tested over many years. It is equally suitable for conventional cell culture techniques and for the latest molecular methods.

No medium âˆ'-swabs® are also available as a separate product for use without medium. The unique open-celled foam has been found to maintain many microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and mycoplasmas in viable and stable condition for at least 24 hours and often longer.


A new generation of environmental sampling Medical Wire has also recently introduced NRS IIâ"¢, a complete new generation of sampling devices for the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries. The NRS IIâ"¢ range introduces a more compact and convenient device format with a choice of diluents to meet the requirements of most

regulatory authorities and commercial buyers. * All clinical Transwab® products are compliant with the CLSI standard M40-A (for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices). Medical Wire's clinical products are CE-marked as medical devices (up to Class IIa), or in vitro medical devices, manufactured to ISO 13485:2003, and where appropriate, registered with the United States FDA. All our clinical and non-clinical products are also manufactured to ISO 9000:2000.

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