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MW&E's Transwabs® and Dryswabs™ are designed for optimum specimen collection in most situations. They are available with a choice of shaft-standard plastic, fine plastic, straight wire, flexible twisted wire, even traditional wood; the bud can be rayon, Dacron®, cotton, calcium alginate, or nylon brush; and with or without Transwab® or Virocult® medium. The Dryswabs™ can be particularly suitable for many of the new molecular techniques (ELISA, PCR, etc.) Shafts can be short, standard, long, and very long!


Polycon®, Boricon®, and Fecon® are our ranges of specimen containers, all made from virgin polypropylene for visibility and safety, available in 3 convenient sizes, 27ml, 60ml, & 110ml. Polycon® is our general purpose container suitable for a wide range of specimens, Boricon® with boric acid is best for urines, and Fecon® with its spoon (loose or fixed) is for faecal specimens.


Microloops®, Microstreakers®, and Microloops® D in standard or calibrated formats provide a range of options disposable or reusable for accurate measurement and transfer of small volumes and microbiological material. Microloops® are available in fast cooling Nichrome™ wire, or in ultra-durable platinum.


Microrings® are a range of multi-tipped paper rings, the tips being impregnated with various reagents, providing convenient tests for the identification of yeasts, anaerobes, or the speciation of respiratory pathogens (Haemophilus).


Bactiuristrips™ provide a convenient method for the detection of urinary infections.


Rapid Strip Tests™ are filter paper strips impregnated with various reagents for the a number of biochemical tests. MethiTest™ is a traditional strip based sensitivity test for the detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), while Coag Test™ is a rabbit serum based method for differentiating staphylococci.


Viabank™ is our bead storage system for bacteria.


Lab Bags™ are tough, high temperature autoclave bags, and Odormycin® is our popular remedy for the problem of obnoxious autoclave smells.


Dacron® is a registered trade name of DuPont.

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